Tapa West Unit A101

Information About This Unit

Zoning- Light industrial mixed commercial use

Access- Trent Avenue with a center turn lane that allows for easy access on and off Trent Avenue.  There's also a gated exit on the north side of the property that allows additional access to the park versus using Trent.  This entry/exit point is gated and has electronically controlled access to park.  Security code access to the gate will be assigned to each unit. 

Common Areas- The entry driveway, the parking area, fence and grass swales represent the common areas with all ground and roof water going into the swales. 

Fencing- The park will have exterior cyclone fencing, utilizing black cyclone fencing with black privacy slats.  The fence does not secure the property as only the sides and north end are fenced.  The fence is designed for cosmetic appeal and sight obscurement to neighboring properties, while limited security is achieved with the entry to the park from the south being open. 

Electronic Security- The Entry/Exit to the park and the frontage road are all under a camera system giving 24/7 documentation of activity in those areas.  Camera's record to the frontage of each building generally, beyond the frontage each building owner can secure their building as desired. 

CC&R's- The park is goverened by a set of CC&R's determined by the board.

O/A- The Owner's Association governs the budget for common area maintenance and CC&R's.  The 2018 budget for O/A expenses is $175 monthly. 

Energy Efficiency- All buildings are built to exceed Northwest Energy Efficiency codes and date have exceeded thos codes.  Critical to surpassing the energy is the use of 2x8 stick framing on all exterior walls, then insulating to R30 and ceiling blown in insulation at a R42 rating.  100% use of LED lighting in the interior and extrior of the building, double paned windows.  Heating in the bathroom is electric wall heaters.  The warehouse has 1, 150,000BTU heater enabling efficient temperature control in the warehouse when needed.

Cement Slab- The warehouse cement slab flooring is 6" thick for heavy duty activity, while the office slab flooring is 4".

Garage Doors- Garage doors are insulated and have openers.  All doors are 16' Wide and 14' tall providing easy access to the building by almost all vehicles. 

Warehouse Height- The warehouse ceiling height is 18'.  Storage of goods above 12' may require additional fire suppression equipment.  The fire department would determine that need. 

Fire Suppression- The buildings are fire protection serviced by fire hydrants on the property in various locations.  If storage of goods are highly flammable the fire department could require a fire rated sprinkler system be installed.  The fire department would determine those requirements. 

Grounds Maintenance- All landscape maintenance of the common areas are covered in the O/A fees. All snow plowing on the property will be covered by the O/A and done to the fronts of each building and parking area.  All snow removal in the entry area of each unit is the responsibility of the owner/tenant. 

3 Phase Power- There is no 3 Phase Power in the park, however 3 Phase converters can be installed and utilized if needed. 

Utilities- All utilities are under ground. Electrical, Avista, 200AMP service, upgradable to 800AMP Service

Natural Gas, Avista

Sewer, connected to county system, $8,100 construction fees paid in full, monthly use fees on goingWater, Trentwood Irrigation, $3,000 meter feee paid in full

Comcast, buildings are prewired for Cat 5

Garbage, owner/tenant responsibility

Bathroom- The unit has a 3/4 bath.

Office- There are no finished offices, as that will be done based on needs and desires of each owner/tenant.  The cost to finish the office is the responsibilty of the owner/tenant.  The warehouse has been built to enable an office structure which could include a second floor.  Windows are in place for a second floor office. 

Additional Information

This unit is perfect for light industrial work. It offers an open floorpan and comes with the flexibility to build the interior up to two floors.

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