Tapa East Info


The TAPA BUSINESS PARK EAST is located on Trent Avenue just east of Sullivan Road in the City of Spokane Valley, Washington.  This 11 acre business park has been subdivided into 14 parcels with approximate 3/4 acre size.  The 2 years of infrastructure work is complete for the entire park, making each remaining parcel buildable as soon as building permits can be drawn. Buildings will be of similar appearance including perimeter security fencing around each building.  There is an Owner’s Association that will govern the common aspects of the park and the common maintenance. 

Infrastructure work includes:

1)  Excavation to current site appearance where top soil has been removed and parcels are leveled to construction readiness.  

2)  Natural Gas and “Underground” Electrical has been installed at the north end of each lot

3)  Electrical service up to 800amps is available to each lot.  3 Phase Power is not available in the park though converters are allowed.

4)  City Sewer has been stubbed in to each parcel and ready for connection

5)  City Water is plumbed to each parcel and ready for connection

6)  North border perimeter fencing installed

7)  Lot line delineation completed

8)  Common access road on south border of each parcel

9)  Street Lighting on common road

10)  Landscape Irrigation 

11)  Security Cameras with DVR recording in common area only

12)  Fire Hydrants as required by the fire department

13)  Conduit under the common road for electrical power to approved signage for a business

BUILDING FOOTPRINTS: The current buildings in the park are 6,064 sq/ft to 7,064 sq/ft and with 2ndfloor office space in the buildings, the finished square footage is closer to 7,500 and 8,500 sq/ft.  The parcels can handle buildings larger than the current footprints, however buildings of approximately 9,500 sq/ft or more of combined, finished interior square footage will require fire suppressant systems, which adds considerable expense to a building budget.  

TRENT ACCESS to the PARK:  Current access to the park is “Right Turn In” west bound Trent and “Right Turn Out” west bound Trent.  Expanded access to the Park is coming soon with a planned “Left Turn Lane INTO” the park from East Bound Trent and a “Left Turn OUT” of the park to East Bound Trent. Civil Engineering and Lighting design is complete, the City of Spokane Valley has approved the plan and the plan is on the WSDOT desk for approval.  Construction is expected spring 2019.

PARK OWNER’s/TENANT’s:  The park contains business’s that own their buildings and businesses that are leasing from investor owners.  Future owners and tenants will continue the unique diversity of the park.  

BUSINESS OPERATIONS NOT ALLOWED:The business park will NOT allow marijuana grow operations, or marijuana retail operations into the park. Security concerns and other points of view have determined these types of businesses don’t fit the park plan. 

OWNER’S ASSOCIATION FEES AND COVERAGE:  The owner’s association fee is currently $275 per month per parcel and includes the following common area expenses:

1)  Landscape maintenance of all grass areas

2)  Trent Avenue cleanup of litter

3)  Trent Avenue weed elimination

4)  Irrigation cost of landscaped areas

5)  Snow removal for all parcels to the front of the buildings.  Individual shoveling to doors is owner/tenant responsibility

6)  Security Camera Maintenance 

7)  Internet Connection for Security Camera’s

8)  Water for Irrigation

9)  Electrical Power to Street lighting

10)  Common Area Insurance

11)  Reserve Fund to 10% of overall budget

LANDMARK FLAG POLE:  In the near future a 100’ tall flagpole will be installed between lot 2 and lot 3 and a 30’ x 50’ American flag will be proudly displayed close to the entrance to the park.  This will become a landmark of the park.  The flagpole will be dedicated in a public event honoring our military and our Republic. 

PARK DEVELOPMENT:The buildings in the park to date have been built by the same contractor and generally the same subs, which translates to a faster pace of construction, consistency of design, and competitive pricing. Custom build projects utilizing other contractors is an option, provided the design is approved prior to submission for permits.

PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 DEFINED:  The park has been developed in 2 phases with Phase 1 starting with development on the eastern half of the park, Lots 2-8 and Phase 2 being the western half of the park, Lots 1 and 9-14.  Plat maps for Phase 1 and Phase 2 are included in the information tab.  

TIME TO BECOME A PARK MEMBER:  We look forward to you becoming another owner/tenant in the park.  Please call for more information and a tour of the park. 

Call 509-370-9552 and ask for Tom