Tapa West Info


The TAPA BUSINESS PARK WEST is located at 13411 E Trent Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, just east of Pines Road and west of Evergreen Road in the City of Spokane Valley, Washington.  This brand new business park is a condominium style concept featuring 10 units that are 2,000 sq/ft each and located within 3 separate buildings.  The 3 separate buildings capitalize on extra natural light for 6 of the 10 units, as those 6 are end units.  The 10 units in the park are exactly the same in layout and construction with the first units closer to Trent, creating a great location for a retail driven owner, versus north end units that aren’t as retail driven, but can be.  All units are built beyond Northwest energy standards to lower energy consumption and expenses and designed to appeal to a variety of businesses.   The units were built to fit a size and financial level that would appeal to owners and tenants that don’t need a large building and higher rent/mortgage payments. There is an Owner’s Association that will govern the common aspects of the park and the common maintenance. 

ACCESS to the PARK:  The business park has an entry and exit point from Trent Avenue, east and west, along with a north entry/exit point enabling gated access to and from the park from Rich Road.

PARK SECURITY:  The business park is beautifully fenced on 3 sides, and the north entry/exit is gated with electronic access for park owners and guests only.  This electronic gate will keep the general public from accessing the park from the north end creating an extra security point. Security cameras will be abundant in the park and a DVR will record activity.  

PARK OWNER’s/TENANT’s:  The park will house business’s that will own their units and businesses that will be leasing from investor owners.  Future owners and tenants will continue the unique diversity of the park.

PARKING:  Each unit will enjoy 3 parking spaces that come with the unit, though parking could be more as some owners/tenants won’t need all 3 parking spaces.   

BUSINESS OPERATIONS NOT ALLOWED:The business park will NOT allow marijuana grow operations, nor marijuana retail operations into the park. Security concerns and other points of view have determined these types of businesses don’t fit the park plan. 


1)  Landscape maintenance of all grass areas

2)  Irrigation cost of landscaped areas

3)  Snow removal for all parcels to the front of the buildings.  Individual shoveling to doors is owner/tenant responsibility

4)  Security Camera Maintenance 

5)  Internet Connection for Security Camera’s

6)  Water for Irrigation

7)  Common Area Insurance

8)  Reserve Fund to 10% of overall budget

LANDMARK FLAG POLE:  In the near future a 60’ tall flagpole will be installed and a 20’ x 30’ American flag will be proudly displayed at the Trent Avenue entrance to the park.  This will become a landmark of the park.  The flagpole will be dedicated in a public event honoring our military and our Republic. 

PARK DEVELOPMENT:The entire park will be completed in late January 2019, though there are units available for Lease and For Sale with occupancy available immediately. 

BUY or LEASE or LEASE with Option to PURCHASE:  There are several options to help you move into the park. Purchasing, Leasing and/or Leasing with an Option To Purchase in the Future.  

IT’s TIME TO BECOME A PARK MEMBER:  We look forward to you becoming another owner/tenant in the park.  Please call for more information and a tour of the park. 

Call 509-370-9552 and ask for Tom